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Posted 12th Mar 2009
Sorry - I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct place or not??

I desperately need to clean ground-in dirt from gloss paintwork on skirting and banister rail on the stairs. I thought possibly a steam cleaner as some bits are difficult to get to. I've looked at some handheld steam cleaners but they don't mention using them on paintwork. Someone else has suggested sugar soap, but that really irritates the skin if it comes in contact.

Any advice would be very welcome xx
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8 Comments go with sugar soap as thats supposed to be very good. Don't think its going to irritate you too much unless your very delicate. Failing that, why not give it a quick coat of gloss ?
Sugar soap is pretty good. Ive used that to clean doors and it works a treat. Can be bought pretty cheap too from like a hardware store
And use gloves!
All I will say is DO NOT use Cillit Bang, my god I did my skirting with it once, took the blinking paint clean off! I fear the steam cleaner may make the paint blister or peel with the temperature involved. You would probably do less damage with a really mild non stick pan scourer thingy and some hot, soapy water with a bit of bleach in it.:thumbsup:
I use a mix of stardrops and white vinegar, mixed with a little water in an old spray bottle, smells awful but really cleans the paintwork, must wear gloves though.
You don't need to buy the sugar soap from a shop, you can make your own by mixing sugar and fairy liquid together! Gets oil off your hands and all sorts, so should work for just about anything else!
domestos grotbuster bleach will do it
Thanks to all responses :thumbsup:

I think I'll give the sugar soap a try ....... with double gloves, ha ha.

Rep given for all your advice x
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