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Found 20th Jul 2017
We have a couple of guys plastering our hall and landing today and I've just noticed they have somehow managed to spray plaster over both our sofas, curtains, walls and carpet in our living room (they are mixing up in the front garden and have to pass through the living room to the hall/landing). Removing from the walls and carpet should not pose a problem and I am currently waiting for it to dry before brushing off the sofa's and curtains, my question is should it stain what are my options.

I do not know what the fabric is on the sofa or curtains but the curtains are machine washable and the sofa is dry only... and yes I have already gone ballistic at the plasterers.
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I would recommend if they are light colours ie white or black even to wash the curtains together on a cottons 60 degree at a 1000rpm spin speed . If the sofa cushion and seat pads have zips take them of and wash them on a 60 degree on cotton 1000rpm this should do the trick with ariel powder majority of the times dry clean only is a fib just to make you waste money elsewhere - I have perosonally washed my sofa cushions and seats by unzipping them and turning these inside out and placing in the wash hope you have good results .
Seriously they're not using dust sheets? when I did a job the number one priority was to leave a place the same way I found it, dust sheets, hoover, should all be tools of the trade for anyone in the building game.

Haven't got an answer for you but whatever the outcome they should foot the bill.
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ask them if they have liability insurance
Once dry, ease off the worst of it by hand for the curtains and sofas. Hoover the bad spots next. Then take a dry toothbrush to it, gently at first to avoid driving particles deeper. Hoover between brushings. It may need no wet cleaning at all - depends how deep it has gone.
Good luck!
Had a plasterer in myself recently, it is a pretty messy business but all splatters pretty much wiped off with a damp cloth. Vertical blinds went in the washing machine and came out like new.
Hoover everything, use carpet washer and soak everything else in warm soapy water.
Everything should be ok.

The guys doing the plastering work for a firm owned by a neighbour that … The guys doing the plastering work for a firm owned by a neighbour that do new builds, renovation isn't their bread and butter so to speak, but how they managed to get the plaster where it is, is beyond me.... and apparently them as well as they swore blind they didn't do it until I pointed out the plaster was wet.... and the reason for the question was to find out if there is any permeant stains before they leave so I adjust payment accordingly.

Any new plasterer learns in about 5 minutes how dirty the job is, if your friend doesn't ask them why the oO they didn't put dust sheets down I'll eat my hat.

Anyway good luck with the cleaning.
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