Cleaning uPVC windows

Found 20th Aug 2012
Anyone got any tips for cleaning UPVC windows. I moved in to a house a few months back and the pastic on the windows are discoloured and grimey.

Are steam cleaners anygood?
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my o/h has a chemical cleaner in a bottle, can check what it is later? you can just wash the windows then wipe with the chemical, ours come up like new when he does them oO
Use the Astonish Cleaner in a tub from Wilkinsons - costs £1 and is excellent!

This stuff in the link - may be available from Home Bargains and B and M too.

It really does work…spx
warm soapy water should clean it up. if its grease then use some IPA or solvent based cleaner
Astonish Cream Cleaner is the only stuff that really works on dirty window frames, the solvent type will not work on really dirty frames.
ive used non scratch cream
julie 2


This works almost as well as the Astonish Cream Cleaner.
are steam cleaners a waste then?
For older upvc frames use a cream cleaner, solvent is good for newly installed windows but I have experienced problems with staining and streaks of black when using solvent cleaner on old upvc, so NON SCRATCH cream cleaner is safest

are steam cleaners a waste then?

you could break the sealed units and the gaskets if too hot and/or damage the surface of the frame or possibly make the dirt indelible/permanent
wash first

leave to dry

dip kitchen roll or cloth in solvent as above £1.50 a bottle in upvc shops and wipe frame

a house will take 2 days to do properly

2 dishwasher tablets (dissolved in warm water) with small amt of washing up liquid. Leave on for 15 mins then wipe off
My installer has messed up my new upvc windows by `cleaning` them with some plastic cleaner; this has left streaks, with some of the streaks polished, as new, the intervening `streaks` are duller,matt. Question is, how may I repolish them to as near as poss `good as new`? The frames were not in need of any treatment whatsoever, they were brand new -he`d put them in the week before, they were pristine. Can`t think why he decided to `improve` them. I told him he`d ignored the golden rule: "If it aint broke, don`t fix it". Very upset and annoyed with him, but need to move on and make the best of a bad job. I could strangle him....
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