Cleaning Walking Boots (suede)…spx

Bought a pair of these last week for walking around the Lakes & the D of E & they got filthy today on a geology field trip.

Should be easy enough to clean but alot of the outer is suede & I have no ideas on the best way to clean it.

Any advice would be appreciated as I would like to keep them in good condition so they last a long time



Throw them in the washing machine???

you can get a special little rubber thing for suede, gets marks out etc - shoe shops sell it. OR there is a special spray for suede. Not sure I would put suede in washing machine

dont put suede in washing machine.. it becomes like cardboard!

stiff brush and brush them off.


timberland does the rubber n brush... you need to hand clean not throw in the washing machine... you might aswell throw em in the bin instead

They should have cleaning instructions but as they are water proof wash them under a tap using a nail brush then put them somewhere warm to dry out - dont put them ontop of a radiator - just near it

They are walking boots so I wouldnt worry to much about the appearance as they are going to get covered the next time your out :thumbsup:

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Cheers for the replies, havent managed to get a brush yet but cleaned them under a warn tap with a cloth last night, will go & see what they look like now as they should have dried.

Loved being out walking up in the Duddon valley yesterday. Going to go more often now & starting climbing next week, or trying it anyway. May be the start of a new outdoors life for me :lol:
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