Clear Travel Bottles

Im off on hol soon and i was wonder where i could buy there from .. but pref a spray one... they were in primark ages ago and i went the other day and there not there... i cant really order offline as im going in 6days...
pref cheapish aswell
Asda had none, dont know where to look in sainsburys and poundworld i went to today had none


Have you tried superdrug - I have got some from them in the past, although not needed any this year yet.

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argh! i shudda tried there... im gonna have to do more last minute shopping tomorrow
thank you!
i was thinking like tesco/sainsburys/morrisons.. places close to me.. but ill try and find superdrug near mee

Hi ya i think boots and wilkinsons do them too !!!

What Size And what Do U Want To Put It There As Paper Chase Have Clear Drinking Bottles

Yes, Boots have a range of travel bottles, between £1-2 I saw the other day. Can't rmember if they had a spray one but they had pump & screw top bottles and squeezy tubes.
M&S have them as well, in transparent plastic bags.

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i want like a 50ml/60ml one for like my hair stuff as the bottle i have is huge!
ill have a look in these places tomorrowww
thank youuuu!!

Im sure i seen these in B & M today....not sure of price or if they were screw top or spray, sorry !. They also had little travel size shampoos n conditioners, I think they were 59p each....
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