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What's the point in this if I have to print proof of postage for every item and then go and get it stamped at the post office? I've been using this service without proof of postage for a few week, but just realized I should be printing them, It defeats the purpose of 'drop' if I have to stand in the post office and get 20 odd proof of postage receipts stamped. I'm thinking going back to using drop & go instead.
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There isn't a lot of detail in your description but essentially, you would not have proof of posting so no claim capability.

I use a small out of the way PO for parcel drops and go mid morning or afternoon. I seldom have to wait
I’ve been using this for a few years.
Have you got a sorting office near by?
I have a local sorting office so I drop to them. Usually no queues. I had parcels over and they stamp the “no proofs”.
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