Click & Win with Strongbow - Crates of Cider & cinema systems (they have refilled the glass)

Click & Win with Strongbow

over 18s

barman has been over and filled the glass

cider and cinema systems

just click on refresh button to win
enter as many times as you want
or until you get fed up of clicking

winners - post your winnings



Many thanks Holly


Well i've refreshed that many times i've earned a trophy... lol no prizes yet tho

What a strange competition.


Cheers Holly. No prizes yet, but only 933,773 clicks to go.


Don't feel refreshed!

Thanks won a Trophy and repetitive sress injury

No prizes yet, but thanx holly




Thanks won a Trophy and repetitive sress injury


although I used an autoload add on

Wont let me edit thanks anyway

Got a Trophy too what a waste of time comp!!!

Cheers, http://a.imageshack.us/img409/4479/thankyouhattip.jpg

What a 'refreshing' competition!

Well... someone had to say it!

Original Poster

c a n t t y p e - f i n g e r s n u m b
has anyone won yet



Doesn't work for me either

It is a really stupid competition. You realise that every refresh uses server bandwidth and with a few hundred people constantly refreshing no one server can cope. Maybe if they have half the network google does they could cope and run a competition like that.

Works ok now

Worked for me, I won 3 trophies!

Trick: If you are using a browser with private / incognito browsing just open the link in a new window. There is 1 more pair of vFestival tickets and a pack of strongbow for every 10,000 clicks (ish) by my calculations. Pretty awful competition.

a friend won, http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o176/daggerer/strongbow.jpg



a friend won,

That must have been George the Civil Servant

this autorefreshing is gonna bite me on the backside... it'll refresh past the win. What then?

not very refreshing.

Cheltenham boy

That must have been George the Civil Servant

nah i saw that lol, it was michael the student


Won a pack of Strongbow today, anyone know what a pack is?

its a voucher equivelant to £10, you dont have to use it on strongbow, theres a list of about 15 brands to choose from including bulmers, fosters, dont rememebr thing else

Original Poster

they have filled the glass - new prizes
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