clock on k800i

    hi all, does anyone know of an app or any way to have a large clock on the main screen of the k800i, I know you can change it to a larger clock than standard using the settings, but this clock is just terrible.
    Rep for valid suggestions, cheers.


    Maybe download ]mytheme creator and modify the theme you are using (download the theme from your phone onto your PC or download it from the 'net. If you're use the default "nightshot" theme I can upload that for you to download as you can't take it straight off the phone as its locked)

    Just take your theme and edit it in photoshop/paint/whatever so the clock is more to your liking.

    bit of a hassle but ive never heard of an app which modifys the way the clock is displayed..

    edit: or just find a new theme online (google "k800 themes" or "k790 themes") which has a clock format more to your liking like the one on the link above,.
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