Clocks forward?

    Are clocks going forward tonight? Twitter is telling me they do?...


    No 27th

    no, 27th/28th

    usually a saturday night nearer the end of the month i think

    It's always the last weekend in March i believe.

    Oh bloomin heck gonna have to get some bedroom curtains soon for the light nights!!

    They did last night in America, or so says my better half who is currently there.

    the twits on twitter dont know what there tweeting about

    I thought it was end of march....

    Love the time change but my girls get confused going to bed in sun light

    Original Poster

    The twits on twitter were talking about America!


    The twits on twitter were talking about America!

    I know, hence my post about a hour ago

    The woman on the radio on the way to work today told me it was an hour earlier than it really was.........I was sorely tempted to go home.........wish I had cos I just got landed with a 12hr shift.

    Joy !!!
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