Clontarf Castle Hotel Dublin

    Has anyone had any joy with getting this hotel to honour the mistake that was on their website for bookings in July? The don't seem to be very helpful with mine! Just wondered if they had honoured any bookings or gave compensation?


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    They said that their system was corrupt and that they could not give me the reservation at the price I booked it at. The system certainly didn't seem corrupt because it was showing the prices and what percentage discount you were receiving. Not very happy about it seeing as it was a present for someone!! I thought that if you had a confirmed reservation that they had to honour it. :x

    I had booked for August for my GF's birthday, booked the plane and then got the dreaded call to say it was a mistake.

    I've now spoken to them and they have agreed to upgrade the room to a superior room (the one with the 4 poster bed etc) and breakfast and are now giving it to me for 98 euro's a night so not as good a discount as before but it means the tickets I've booked fvia Ryanair are not wasted.

    They originally said they would only do it for 128 euro's so the "discount" of 60 euro's isnt bad really.

    Dont get me wrong I.m not overly happy about having to pay the extra but these things happen
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