Cloth for TV that doesn't leave little bits?

Posted 25th Jul
Google has been no help. I've tried a couple of different ones on Amazon and they all left little bits behind.

Would appreciate if someone could link one that would do the job.
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Get a microfibre one, they'll sort it
Get a microfibre one, they'll sort it
Yep, any decent microfibre cloth. I’d recommend one that’s designed for car polishing
These are perfect!…c=1

Get a slightly damp one and do that first then get a dry one. amazing and for monitors too
I use spectacle wipes. Cheap, doesn't leave any marks.
I brought this last week:…8HJ

Used it yesterday and it’s really good. We have 2 small kids (4yr & 18month) and had hand prints, dried bits of food, usual kids mess on the screen but this cleaned it all up, I went over it 3-4 times. I do think it’s expensive though.
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