Clothes dye

    Where would be the best place to buy clothes dye, cheap and reliable dye.

    Thanks in advance







    I'll back up good old Wilkos

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    Thanks alot

    Just put it in the wash with something the same colour as you want it to be - always works for me (well it does whenever i slip up):whistling:

    Failing that like has been said before try woolies and wilkos they both stock dylon branded ones and tend to stock different shades to each other too so have more look getting the colour you want, what material are you trying to die? a lot of manmade ones wion't take the colour properly:thumbsup:

    asda do a good black and navy one that doesnt need salt adding

    What about one of your local arts and crafts shops? Or i don't know if you have a store close by but i usually go to John Lewis as i find they are the chepest in out town as they price match on like for like but they are usually cheaper anyway even if it is only by a few pence!! And our store stocks every colour under the sun!!:)
    Lynne x
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