Clothes hangers for baby clothes - where to get them?

    Looking for somehwere online that i could buy a load of these, anyone know anywhere that sells them cheap?


    mothercare car sell them pack of 6 for about a fiver i think, i know this as i bought some for myself x

    try ebay too just type in baby hangers x

    poundland - you get at least 12 in pack!!:thumbsup: - pastel colours

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, unfortunately i don't have an ikea,poundland or home bargains by me, that's why it has to be online

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    Ah ha just seen you location - is that why ha ha?

    yep, none of them stores have ventured over here yet

    marks and sparks will give you some - they have amnesty boxes for coat hangers (honestly) - speak nicely to staff!!

    You can get them in Tesco and poundstretcher/Instore, too :thumbsup:

    I know you said online, but if you have a Morrisons nearby they're selling them 12 for £1 (colourful ones).

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    yeah has to be online, no morisons near me either and that would have been ideal too

    wilkinsons do them cheap, not sure if they sell them online though.


    You can get them in Tesco and poundstretcher/Instore, too :thumbsup:

    Err... hello?

    Do you live in the mountains or summat? :giggle:

    wilkinsons sell them:thumbsup:

    This company will deliver to IOM for £10 on top of product cost…09/. It might make sense if you're ordering enough.

    John Lewis also have two different types of children's hangers and IM postcodes are not rejected on checkout so, potentially, free delivery. Only trouble is that both types of hanger are currently out of stock. You can ask for an e-mail when they come back in so here are the links -…spx…spx
    Not sure if these would be too big though.

    These are a bit smaller and available but not cheap at £12 for 5, but if you pull off free delivery it may be worth it for not too big an order…spx

    or join freecycle and post a wanted
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