clothes hangers for free anybody ?

Found 17th Apr 2010

Does anyone know if I can get them for free in bulk say 100 or so or does anyone work in the retail industry who have a surplus they don't want ?


you could go into a shop and ask if they have any. I got mine from select. i went in to buy something and saw boxes of hangers and asked if i could have some and they gave me about 50. also asda asked if i needed any last time i bought something as they always ask if you would like to keep your hanger, i said yes i needed the hanger and they said they have lots if i wanted anymore. didnt need any though at the time, but its worth asking next time you go into a clothes store

i get mine from asda (george) just ask for some there free i got loads

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ohh thanks for the tips you guys , I'll try asdas , rep added

yes, I work in a clothing store and often give them out.. just ask! They only get sent back to the warehouses or thrown away.

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