Cloud storage $39 1TB for life.

    Just seen this deal for $39…ime

    Seems like a good deal, but I doubt Zoolz will be around for the next few years, never mind lifetime. Also my adsl upload speed is naff so it'll take months to backup online.

    Is it worth it?


    Rain is free where I live and we have a lot of bandwidth.

    Anyone who claims that something has been reduced from $3,600 to $39 should be avoided. That sort of thing is aimed at gullible septics, of whom there are a great many.
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    I would be very cautious, I bought one of these deals from cultofmac (stacksocial) seems the same sort of thing as talkandroid. I think it was the same price, around 39 USD but it was with a company called Skyhub and had 3TB storage I believe. I recently got an email from them saying they were closing down the business as they thought the lifetime offers would tempt people onto a monthly payment plan but it didn't work out. They then mentioned that they made a deal with a new company (zoolz) so you don't have to lose your data, I don't remember it being a very special deal (probably the same as you posted here) so I just ignored it.

    But I had a look at zoolz website and it looked exactly the same style as the old Skyhub website, the software looks the same too, so I'm thinking it is the same company. I didn't like the software you had to use and the storage is "cold storage" ( where you have to wait 12hrs+ to be able to download anything you have stored.

    I only used it for a .txt file to see how it worked, then didn't use it again. Better off paying for something more main stream really.
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