Posted 24th Sep 2022
Hi guys,

With the removal of SD cards in many android phones, I'm starting to struggle with space for all my photos. I have about 200gb of photos that rises by about 20-30gb a year.

It seems cheaper to upload photos to a cloud service then paying extra for higher storage phone variants but I don't quite understand how they work.

What I want is this:

-Automatic backup of photos in original resolution when wifi is on
-Automatic compression of photos on the phone once they are backed up on the cloud

So I still have all my photos on my phone but in a low resolution and the original copies in the cloud. I know all cloud storage can do the 1st step but I don't know if any do the 2nd?

Thank you for any advice
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    I succumbed to Google and their storage in the end as the free 15gb was full through email and photo backup
    Do you know how easily accessible any photos backed to google are?

    Ideally I want to keep low resolution copies on my phone as well so I can view offline etc
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    all the photographers I have ever met do not understand the concept of housekeeping.
    they simply have no concept of throwing "anything" away
    they also have no concept of storing things on their local network devices

    i should add I am not a photographer and only rarely have I seen any photograph worthy of keeping.
    Im not a photographer. I just like to keep all my personal photos since my first phone available at all times. I also do backup my photos locally, but that doesnt solve the problem of having all photos available on my phone.

    As for not seeing any photography worth keeping, thats a really dull way of looking at things but each to their own.
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    For whatever it’s worth, I’d look at the cost of paying for a cloud service against the cost of a basic nas drive with a few terabytes of storage so you can effectively have your own personal cloud storage that’s upgradable as and when you need to.
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    Not sure I can help apart from to say, the biggest rip off is apple iCloud. Free 5gb, immediately full. So you upgrade to £0.79 50gb. Immediately full as it seems to want to store more than one backup on my phone on it which obviously comes to more than 50gb. Am I missing something or, if I upgrade again, will I ultimately fill that with bs backups too?
    I have a NAS at home which is awesome for photos - I wish I could wirelessly back up my phone to it so I didn’t need to pay apple anything.
    If your NAS is connected to your home network, you don't need to wirelessly back it up as it'll find it anyway.

    I've got a Synology NAS and the photos app automatically backs up all new photos as soon as I get home, or I can do a manual backup any time I want to with the Moments app.
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    I use One Drive plus you get Office 365 also. Its cheap and you get like 1TB
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    Tech podcast I listened to recommended cloud, however take time to manually backup to hard drive just incase the cloud locks you out.

    If you are familiar with tech and able to build servers from old hardware then that's a good option, but you need more than one and preferably one at home and one at another location. (edited)
  7. Avatar…_GB

    You can set your phone to automatically upload to google whenever you take a photo.
    You can automatically/manually delete all the photos off your phone
    You can view all the photos on your online storage on your phone
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    Try Degoo.
    Free low limit, but you can earn free storage by watching vids and playing games.
    I currently have 1.45TB of available space.
    Paid option allows full resolution in storage, and compressed in the app on the phone.
    The free version is ad supported, and not the best of layouts, but it is free
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    Another vote for Onedrive, but mainly because I have Office365 for the family, so that's 6TB free. I consider it free as we'd have to have an Office licence anyway, and the £60 a year works out really cheap.
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    I also use OneDrive. The Microsoft 365 Family is always on offer for around £45 from Amazon etc, and you can add the key to your existing subscription. Setup an alert on the app.