Cloverfield....good film!!!

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Found 30th Jul 2008
Just watched it (finally) and what a really good film. i like films like this and the day after tomorrow and i was very impressed with this film!!!

just though you would like to it!!!



yup i liked it too

don't worry your only about 5 months late.

I wont tell anyone.

Didn't know really what to expect when I watched it (as I'd heard mixed things) but I enjoyed it.


Watch Wanted.

absolute shocking film.

i liked it of my fav film

I thought it was ****. Couldn't understand why someone would take a video camera with them that far. I found Beth's remarkable recovery from being speared with an iron bar - and stuck there for hours losing blood circulation and muscle cramping - to running around in Central Park helping Rob wholly unbelievable. Maybe she could limp down her building stairs, but whatever physical efforts she does afterwards are even more impossible than those of the monster.

big willy style;2634705

absolute shocking film.

says he with that avatar, now thats an awful film ;-)

Found the whole thing ridiculous! From the 25 min intro at the party (what a load of pointless CARP that was) to the inexplicable reason for a huge monster to appear, to the absolutely diabolical acting and ending of the film :?. Cant believe i wasted my time

We hated it here too - I was like "is that it?" I didn't even care if they got deadified or not :giggle:


Completely useless film. Like someone is going to be carrying a video camera around! And where did it come from and all the smaller "bugs"?

Original Poster

good points about how the actual monster got there. good visual effects tho

i thought it was great, although we saw it in the cinema and its always better in the cinema

big willy style;2636933


he is isn't he? :whistling:


he is isn't he? :whistling:

what is it from like????

I just watched and thought it was a great film :thumbsup:

big willy style;2637161

what is it from like????

v for vendetta

Possible spoiler in white.

Monster came from the [COLOR="White"]test[/COLOR]?![COLOR="LemonChiffon"]test[/COLOR][COLOR="Wheat"]test[/COLOR][COLOR="LightBlue"]test[/COLOR][COLOR="Silver"]test[/COLOR][COLOR="PaleTurquoise"]not sure how to do this![/COLOR][COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]last try[/COLOR][COLOR="SlateGray"]just give up[/COLOR]

Viral marketing was interesting, I thought.
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