Club 24 Ltd

    I have just noticed this direct debit setup on my bank account??

    Does anyone know who it is?? No payments have been taken out yet??

    The only new thing I have recently setup is a M&S Credit card with 100% payments taken by Direct Debit??

    Anyone else know what Club 24 Ltd could be??


    if you google for "Club 24 ltd" you get financial advisors in Leeds

    I'd cancel it to be on the safe side
    They will let you know if it's something important

    If you dont know who it is cancel it your card will contact you if it was them you can always set it back up again best to be on the safe side and keep a really close eye on your bank for the next 2-4 weeks I know loads of people who have had money taken from there accounts ranging from £5 to £750 + take the safe option press cancel


    club 24 used to be a finance company supplying finance to shops for cards etc.
    might be worth contacting M&S first to see what name they take DD's under

    Hi, I have just noticed this company on one of my direct debits. It is the company who deals with my student loan repayments!

    Club 24 was the budget acc section of Hepworth Tailoring of Leeds i.e. customer could have credit to 24 x monthly instalmentI - Hepworth were developed into 'Next' clothing & houshold. Other retailers also signed their customers up to the budget accounts
    Next expanded the company as 'Ventura' outsourcing but recently sold it off as a going concern to 'Capita' customer services/outsourcing
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