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    Clubcard & Tesco Mobile - Can 1 Clubcard be used for 2 Mobile Phones?

    For those on Tesco Mobile,if you buy top up and have a clubcard registered up,you receive triple points when you buy top up,amongst upto triple your amount depending what amount you buy.
    What I want to know is,my partner and me have a mobile phone on Tesco Network,can we have 1 Clubcard registered upto both mobile phones?
    I'm almost out of credit and need to top up soon,and my partner never had credit with his phone and I keep saying I sort it out but I don't want to miss out on pts on 1 of the tops ups each time.
    Any other information that applies to us with Tesco Mobile be handy to know as we only had these mobiles about 1 mth and never owned any mobiles before and thought about time we bought 1 each.

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    I believe you can, yes.
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