Clubcard Vouchers online codes account specific?

    I've got some clubcard vouchers I'd like to sell, but I would rather sell the vouchers as is than convert them to deals. Anyway the vouchers have a online code which can be used to order deals (and shopping) - does anyone know if they can be used to order deals on someone else's account?


    no they couldnt , you would have to order the deal and post it to them. And even then tesco are clamping down on them as like the blockbuster vouchers all have a code so blockbuster/tesco know exactly which part of teh ****ry they should be spent in, So unless the buyer wanted like a theme park ticket or something similiar they be taking a risk

    Whenever I have used the deals coupons to convert online to a deal/days out ticket, I have always used various names to do this without a problem at all. It doesn't seem to be user specific, or at least wasn't the last time I changed the coupons online earlier this year.

    Hope that makes sense :?
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