Cmon Roger.... (The Fed)

    Cmon 'The Fed' Go on my son !



    I hope Roddick the underdog wins ;-)

    id like federe to win to be honest

    Roger Fedderer is yr son! :w00t:

    haha, morning maxmix

    michelleleemoo :-D

    roddick for me that serve is a beast

    If your gonna call anyone a beast its serena williams lol. Gwan Roger

    is it on now?

    yes been on for 1/2 hr

    Did the sisters win the doubles yesterday?

    Tis ok I found they did :-D

    [COLOR="Red"]Come on Tim.................oh wait.....[/COLOR]

    Come on Roddick!!!!!!!!

    Cmon Roger.... (The Fed)

    I'd lol if an Eastern European star emerges with the surname "Mifayce"

    These threads would be Epic.

    C'mon Fed


    Epic, match was epic

    fed sends Roddick to underverse

    Original Poster

    Awesome.... Pity someone had to lose at the end....

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