Co-op home insurance..Is anyone here with them? Have a question about it...

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Found 7th Apr 2009
We wanna get home insurance (buildings and contents)
So I was lookin at different quotes and co-op seems to be a good deal.

Can anyone tell me what you have to provide as proof that you actually owned something
in case you get robbed or something gets damaged? I have been reading the details on the whole thing but it wasn´t mentioned anymore..

Thanks in advance




i was with the co op for 3 yrs when i lost my engagment ring, very long story but i went swimming and i left the ring in the locker. when i went to claim you would have thought that i had commited a murder. they interigate everything that you say and want a rundown of everything they wanted to know exactly what order i took my things out of the locker. i took 2 months to sort things out i had to send a reciept of the ring and they sent me back a voucher that i could only use in certain jewellers.. would defo not go with them again

to be fair whatever insurance company you was with at the time it would of been investigated as a fraudulent claim,how easy is it for someone to say they lost something.

im not saying you didnt lose it by the way just why they acted the way they did

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Yeah and I´m not talkin about valuable goods lost outside your home here.
Just wanna know about normal contents insurance

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Even if you´re not with co-op, how does it work with your insurance?
I´m sure they´re pretty much all the same with those requirements...

pictures should be ok receipts would be best though


i would imaging anything out of the norm you should get pics and maybe valued, like exensive jewellery etc,etc i dont many list what they have in their homes and add to it each time they buy something, as long as you havent undervalued your stuff you be fine
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