Co Op "student discount"

Posted 11th Jan 2023
Hi guys like a few of you I've got the Totum student card and use it in the Co Op for 10% off but the last 2 or 3 times I've scanned it now it says membership card accepted on the screen but no discount is applied.
it's still valid, anyone else had the same ? I'm wondering if they've stopped the discount now.
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  1. smith2001uk's avatar
    What did the store staff say when you asked?
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    They said to go and ask smith2001uk on HotUKDeals but I told them he wouldn't help me 😥
  2. bobhund's avatar
    Hey, You now also need to have a Co-Op membership card too - you have to swipe your totum card and when accepted, do the same with the membership card, the discount then shows.
    stefromuk's avatar
    That must be a new thing as I hardly ever swipe my co op card and still get my discount.
    But I'm sure I did that the other day.
    I'll check though cheers
  3. Mikeymoo's avatar
    My card discount has stopped working too

    I have ordered a Co Op card to try the above method scanning both.
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    Sorry I forgot to update this.
    Yeah the discount works fine when scanned with the Co op card.
  4. fantafan's avatar
    It’s stopped altogether in a few days so you won’t have to worry about swiping at the coop sadly.
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