Coaxial Cable over Mains????

Found 30th Mar 2015

Anyone know of any homeplug type devices that will transmit Coaxial over Mains?

reason I ask is I want to re-arrange the living room which means putting the TV in an area with would require 2x long runs of Coaxial cable which would be an eyesore.

So wondering if there is a way of taking the 2x Coaxial cables and sending them over mains via a Coax Sender Homeplug to a Coax Receiver Homeplug and then bring the 2x coax lines and into the back of the sky box for example?

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you can use these type of things
But they are wireless so may get interference and I'm not sure if they support analogue
not sure about co ax, could keep box where is, then hdmi to ethernet converter then normal homeplugs, probably wouldnt work, mayve a wireless hdmi box.
Maybe you could tuck super-thin under the edge of the carpet or skirting board.
It will have higher loss than normal thickness though!
Thanks for the suggestions. I already contacted Develo, they basically don't sell it in the UK and advised against buying it for UK use (not sure why)
Could this conduit be your answer…3Ag
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