Cockroach Extermination Blows Up Thai restaurant

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Found 8th Apr 2005
PERTH, Australia - An overzealous attempt to rid a Thai restaurant of cockroaches sparked an explosion that blew the eatery apart, emergency services said today.

Three men were hospitalized with burns after they set off 36 cockroach fumigation devices aerosol cans filled with chemicals which apparently exploded after their contents came into contact with an oven pilot light.

Duncraig fire station officer Kieran Cooper said the blast wrecked the restaurant.

John McMillan, manager of Western Australia state's fire investigations unit, said the huge blast lifted the roof off the Tamarind restaurant in the state capital, Perth.

"The restaurant owner has used the principle that if you use twice the soap, you get your hands twice as clean. He's just overdone it,'' McMillan said.

- acecatcher3

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