Found 22nd Feb 2008
So i bought COD 4 yesterday for my PS3, and its awesome. online is great fun.

However, is it just me or does everyone else take forever to die? i was empting clips into people without dying, and they'd shoot me once in the leg and i'd die. This happened A LOT.
I expected to get served as i was starting from level 1, but not to this extent....

Also, can you mute americans?

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There is a couple of reason.

COD4 has a perk system, If you have Juggernut you have more health, and if you have stopping power you can kill people with fewer bullets (bullets do more damage).

In the early ranks you do not have these options.

Also make sure you are not being affected by lag - press select during the game and if your connectio bars are red or yellow quit and enter another game - note; even if the connection bars are green you can still be affected by lag.

as above

also, if the are using the M16 gun with both stopping power and bullet penetration it kills. the gun fires in 3 bullet bursts and sometimes you die by just one of the bullets. its oficially the noob gun as everyone takes advantage of it

You are firing using the 'Iron sight' aren't you?

You have to use the button that makes you look down the sites to be able to shoot with any accuracy. Also the longer you play the more 'perks' you get and the more weapons you unlock.

You should use stopping power, that's pretty much a given. If you're using an automatic weapon, fire in bursts rather than holding down the trigger. Although this is probably irrelevent for now since I'd imagine you're using the M16.

As someone else has mentioned, use the iron sights/red dot sight whenever you can, and also crouch as much as you can to improve your accuracy. Steady aim is a very good perk to use with the M16.

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cheers, ill give it another shot, literally. I also found grenade launcher head shots pretty effective, ive just got to learn to go round corners more cautiously.
I cant play my mate whose level 42, is that because of my low level noob status?

Yeah, you can't really go wrong if you play cautiously. It's probably quite obvious, but crouch whenever you can, stick near cover, and sprint through open areas. Also, I'm not a fan of team deathmatch (promotes camping quite a lot), so if you like faster paced games give headquarters a go.

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yea ive found that a lot, the one advantage it does have is for noobs like myself that even if you get whooped you still gain XP at the end. :thumbsup:
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