COD 4 Bug ? [360]

HI all,

I was just having a chat with a mate regarding COD4, and we think we have both been hit by a bug ???

We thought we were on Level 8 prestige, but given what I've found on the net, were only on level 5 ??

The weird thing is, I know I've definitely had the Prestige 7 & 8 medals in the picture above. I've checked several websites, but all seem to show the same icons - i seriously hope we havent been put back somehow, because if we have, it's getting binned off !!!

The only 2 I havent had from the pic above is medals 9 & 10

Anyone else had this ?


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Image not working above, try again.....

that image is right

My played time is only 10 days
On lvl 5 prestige

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How is that right then ?

From the image above, I have the "Level 5" image, but I'm on Level 8 - had all medals apart from 9 & 10 above (can't just be a one off as my mate is in the same boat !!)

I thought that there was only 1 prestige level oh well lol reason to play cod4 more

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FFS - just level 6

lol. out of interest how many days haveu played now?

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9 days - 18 hours

This happened to me and my friend a few months ago, i looked it up and found out its something to do with the servers messing up and it reads the old backup data from somewhere?
To fix it i had to keep going from the main menu to the live menu and it would keep reloading until it loaded the newest data.
However if you play using the old data theres a chance it will overwrite your newest progress and you will have to do it again....i had to do about half a prestige again
i still managed to do each prestige in under 24 hours though, so im on the tenth with just over ten days playtime
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