COD Black Ops/Fifa 11 Supermarket Price War Will Happen!!

Found 21st Sep 2010
As the title says, i went to pre order COD Black Ops for my partner and asked the question about supermarkets doing a price war. The guy said that there will price a price war and he reccons it will definately be the same price as last year which was £28.

Also Asda has a premium pack for COD which is the game a COD Black Ops t-shirt and a mini guide, as far as he made out that wasn't a different price, whether it is or not i wouldn't know. You have to put a £5 deposit down though.

Also asked the question with Fifa 11, and he said that will definately be £25 again also. He said that they couldn't take anymore pre orders for Fifa 11 though.

I know it's just someones word and not actual proof, but thought i would mention it as everyone is asking.1st time at this so please be gentle.

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sorry,I know you are just posting what you have been told by someone,but this is nonsense-I workd eight years on the games desk at asda-satff know NOTHING til about 3/4 days before release-asda themselves wont even have decided what to do yet for a game released 9th november-a lot will depend on what other supermarkets do,and the final price wont come on the system til midnight the day before.

not even the store manager will have any knowledge of any price war on games-asda dont work that way-the central games buyer will be the only person with any inclination.

just two weeks ago we had a post here,someone knew a manager in morrisons who ASSURED him halo reach would be 25 quid-would be full page ads in the papers etc etc. and we all know that NEVER happened!

asda may well do fifa foir 25 quid,but NOBODY knows yet.
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I understand that, was just saying what the Guy said. There definitely doing the t-shirt and mini guide with the game because when you take the case to the till it's on there.

There will definitely be a price war for these two games.
well hope so. remains to be seen
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