Cod Liver and Fish oil

    Any cheap deal for vegetarian shell cod liver oil, Vitamin D and fish oil Tablet.


    Seven seas cod liver oil in Poundworld! Bargain!…066
    No sure if it's vegetarian
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    question seems a bit bizzare. how can you get a vegetarian version of something which is specifically from fish?

    I would be selective where you source your fish oil. Why poison your body with mercury on the cheap crap?

    Search  Vegetarian Omega -3. Think some of it is made from seaweed

    Why not just get the liquid not the capsules? Tastes rank though


    Why not just get the liquid not the capsules? Tastes rank though

    You just answered your question!


    You just answered your question!

    My mother used to make us swallow it as kids all winter. Hated the stuff. They used to make some supposedly orange flavoured stuff as well. It was slightly more palatable but still dreadful. Over forty years on I can still remember how bad it was

    We get our fish oil tabs from here they have some great deals and it's very good service.
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