COD map packs

    In the past have they ever dropped in price, as a sale type of thing for a short period? I really wanna buy the first strike 1 pack but the price is putting me off.


    Don't think they will drop in price until the new cod is released


    Don't think they will drop in price until the new cod is released

    This ^^

    they never reduce the price while the game is still the latest, as they know people with more money than sense buy them

    The only way to get them cheaper is to get a good deal on the points you need to purchse them. I dont think they have ever given maps away or at a reduced amount off points. Plenty off deals for the points. I should think you could get the points for about £8.

    I'm the same as u, I don't want to spend anything over a fiver for the map pack especially since I bought the game on launch night and IMO isn't that great of a game! But they never lower the price until people get tired of playing it so try to entice u bak (as shown with ms still charging points for call of duty 2 maps)

    Probably about 6 months before a half price special offer is on. With MW2 the stimulus pack came out in April and was half price for a short time in October iirc
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