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Found 22nd Feb 2011
I read in a recent deal thread, see below, that if someone who has purchased CoD Map Packs logs onto your XBox 360 with their Gamer Tag and downloads the map packs they have previously purchased, when you next log on, you will be able to use them.

Does this mean that you could transfer, via USB drive or similar, map packs between other XBoxes for different players to use?…36/
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I can't see how it will work in the way posted in that thread.

As far as I know when you buy something on Xbox live it comes with two licences.

Once is tied to your gamertag and the other to your console.

When a gamertag is recovered onto a different console any DLC can be redownloaded onto that one and played while the gamertag is signed into live.

Additionally the licences can be transferred once a year to a new console etc (although if you recover the gamertag to that console its not necessary)
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