CoD: Modern Warfare 2 HUKD Private Matches

Found 9th Feb 2011
Just wondering if anyone wants to join/make a HUKD private matches for mw2 on the 360

The one where u capture flags lol. Domination.

So tell us your Xbox Live gamertag and we will make the match some time on the weekend.

Mine is 'farhadmaster' if anyone wants to add, I mainly play CoD: MW1 and CoD: MW2 ( the best ones, infinity ward )
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all over ya mum add me

Will do on the weekend, PM when your online and I'll come online.


all over ya mum add me

Im working all over the weekend but add me if you want. Leecroot. Im not very good. Ive been playing black opps but have all the games. I generally play in the evening between 8 and 10 when the kids are in bed.
Lol I will add you, I'm quite good... easily get 3 kill streak.. but rarely get 5 lol
i'm back at the weekend so will play then. Gt stobbsmiester
I was a Ps3 man. But since buying Xbox before christmas i have taken a ps3 sabaticle. Have all the cod's for ps3 and just bought Mw2 for the 360. I'll be on her this weekend.
Greggor0001 take it easy on me, not used to the Xbox controller yet (apart from on Asssassins Creed Brotherhood)

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