COD MW2 Resurgence Map Pack on PS3

    Bought the new map pack today for MW2 and have played them all on LAN against my nephew to try them but i have been playin online for hours now and still not played any of the new maps .. anyone having this problem .. ?


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    Just been on to find a game and Resurgence has its own game mode .. we normally play Team Deathmatch but the Resurgence pack has a selection of all different types of games... which is pants .. lol

    It was the same when the stimulus map pack came out, just different game modes(the ones which are already available) on the new maps

    Not sure I'll bother getting this. Stimulus pack was a let down, and again with Resurgence pack 2 recycled old maps (Strike and Vacant). I'd be more interested in getting new Spec Ops missions as DLC.
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