C.O.D. Urgent. Help please!

    I'm really stuck. Is there an easy way to get the cellophane off the box?!?!


    No,there isn't,so send the game to me as an ornament.

    Love the humour :thumbsup:

    the quickest way is with a can of hairspray and a lighter... works everytime for me :w00t:

    only easy answer is revert to primal methods and chew the damn thing off in a frenzied attack



    Blowtorch worked for me :thumbsup:
    Although i think i got a faulty copy, the disc was a funny shape, and i keep getting read errors?

    I would reccomend practicing on a few Dairylee Cheeses first then move up to packet of Chocolate Digestives before attempting this, also stretch and limber up aswell.
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