COD3 XB Live Problems... Can Anyone Help?

    Hi all,

    I turned on my xbox this morning after a few months of neglect. I wanted to play COD3 online with the G/F but everytime we try and join a game it goes back to the main title screen,

    I have a month free trial of live and it does show as a gold membership,

    Is there something going wrong?


    yer buy cod5

    cod 3 servers no longer available

    Original Poster

    There are matches showing on the search...

    maybe it's temporary?

    How about your ethernet/wireless settings?

    If they aren't spot on they can affect certain games across xbox live.

    Original Poster

    The NAT settings were throwing up a few problems before but normally it would just go back to the search page. I'll test the settings and have a play around....


    cod 3 servers no longer available

    !! That better not be true.

    I just tried now, plenty of games available :).

    Original Poster

    Even when wanting to play a 2 player split screen it doesnt work!! Keeps restarting and going back to title screen,

    I have removed the HDD and everything, except for live, works!! I dont want to format my HDD because of my saved games!

    Any ideas?

    Try split screen without being connected to Xbox Live. If that doesn't work, delete any patches associated with the game, and then try it.
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