COD4 Download problems :(

Found 12th Sep 2007
Hi guys,

Finally got hold of a COD 4 key - but I can't download the game, keep getting an error ?…jpg

Anyone else getting this ?
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Still nowt
Happens to me sometimes. I usually unplug my network adapter (Switch off xbox first) then reconnect and try again.
Reset internet - still the same

What a load of ****, took me 3 days to get the code lol
Guess the download servers are shagged?, Perhaps try again later?
lol - will do !
Sure you have enough space on your hard drive? that was my problem last time!
yea mate, plenty. Just tried it again, same error
I'd love to offer some help but I don't even know what you're talking about, so I'll just stand here and look confused :?
Dont suppose your gold account has ran out has it?

just a guess, with regards to this post…660
It did run out, but I used a 48 hour code to download it again until I get another 12 months.

I thought this might have been the problem last night, so downloaded another demo to try (which worked ?).

Then again, it might be due to being a Beta & needing the full 12 months ?

I'm expecting a 12 month code today (fingers crossed), so I can try it later (if you have one sub £30, let me know !)

That sounds about right, but just letting you know that i've had that error when trying to download demos, even with a full 12 months gold.
yeh i'd expect it to work with a 48hour code but you never know, anyways activate the 12month one when it arrives and let us know, i reckon it will solve it.
48 hour codes cant do the same things a 12 month code can do.
eg i tried 2 player COD 3 online and it wouldn't let me,but it worked with a 12 month.
im guessing as its a multiplayer game it wont allow people with 48 hour codes to play.So more people have to buy the 12 month which means more $$$ for microsoft

i maybe wrong tho
Seems like your spot on to me, all points to needing a 12month membership.

greedy greedy MS.....ahh wish i worked for them.
just lookin on one of my 48 hour card it reads (in small print):

Paid membership required for online multiplayer,cooperative play and some downloads
The 12 month xbox live is available for £30 in Hmv?
why don't u just make a new gamertag like (i won't pay for my membershipxxkiller)

and then play with that until the beta finishes

Liking that idea lol

I'm just looking for a 12 month sub now - nice one for the help guys (ps - HMV is £35 - the £5 voucher has expired)
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