Found 28th Jan 2009
Hi all, just purchased myself a PS3 and wondering which COD is best 4 or 5.

It would be nice to know the reason why you prefer which game.




4 Ftw!!!


especially for online play.

COD4 is better.

i prefer number 5 because i just do.


COD 4 for Multiplayer or COD 5 for single player I'd say but many may disagree



i prefer number 5 because i just do.

and you couldnt get 4 to work properly

CoD4 but WaW ain't bad.

Get both! They're both awesome

they are both good.

COD4 - better online
COD5 - co-op and zombie mode!!!!

cod4 beats it hands down

4 ever so slightly, 5 is excellent online now that the bulk of the glitches have been fixed and it does have the zombies.

get both.

Numero 4


and you couldnt get 4 to work properly

lol erm :oops:

4 is over too quick if you're not gonna go online, but if you are its awesome! :thumbsup:

COD4 - Although COD5 is decent, it's been ruined online with all the glitches.

Yes - There's still plenty of active glitches even after the patch the other week.


ide have to say 4 mate, but both are good


yeah both are good btw, but COD4 better imho

Call of Duty 2 is the best of them all IMO. :lol:

CoD 5 is better.

Get cod4

never played either on ps3 but on 360 i'd go for 5. people complain about glitches on 5 but the cheaters on 4 is rife.


COD4 by far.

Get quake2 for the pc it rocks.
Rocket jumps all the way, oh the sweetness of the railgun kills.

Anyone playing CoD tonight on XBL?

COD4 can be had for around £20 which is about as a good a spend of that cash as anything. The game is properly claustrophobic especially on the the Middle East street scenes early on and the online game has quite a steep learning curve, but is brilliant.

That said, I'm now saving for 5 even though it doesnt get the praise of 4 (but I prefer the WW2 timeframe)

No.4 for me. I love the campaign mode. Online speaks for itself.

No.5 can be annoying - I'm playing through it on hard mode and dread the levels against the Japanese. So frustrating.

I always end up trying to attack the (respawning) Japs with them down the other end of a dark tunnel or cave - i.e. you getting your face blown off as you peep around the corner.

COD5 is still an excellent game tbh, but the weapons and respawning enemies can annoy you.

tbh i like both, not played cod4 for yonks..used to go on it all the time, eventually got 5 and havent been on as much - due to no time but i do love it, and thought the campaign was great.

I thought this was gonna be like a magic trick "pick a Cod Any Cod"



yeah so true, cod4 is such a brilliant game for online play, the single … yeah so true, cod4 is such a brilliant game for online play, the single player campaign is good but it is over way too quickly, mile high club against zombies is a clear winner that zombies is better, go for both mate, definately worth having both if your going to go online AND play the campaign, also in cod5 you can do co-op campaign scoring which is pretty fun :thumbsup:

Why do you have ony 1 post??? I swear I have seen you around before??
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