COD4 vs COD5

Sorry for another COD thread, but I want to know of it's just me.........

Does anyone else think COD5 is NOWHERE near as good as COD4 ?

On the whole (when comparing), the maps are rubbish, graphics are average and the game play is no near as good as 4

I am seriously thinking about canceling my order & just carrying on multiplayer on COD4.

Any thoughts ?


COD 4 by a mile, but wasn't as excited about COD 4 when playing that Beta.

Final game is always a little different.

I think COD 4 is a great game made excellent by the people you play it with, more than likely COD 5 will be the same ;-)

it is a beta, may improve graphics, and the maps are just a small sample and are not finished product

Still prefer cod 4 myself.

CoD4 here

cod 5 is better because of one thing...............dogs

Original Poster


cod 5 is better because of one thing...............dogs

I do like the dogs, but not worth buying the game for.

is it just me or does cod 5 run slower?
machine gun sounds are a bit strange too (authentic?) seem to be auto- reloading all the time too
don't like the artillery - it lasts ages, but the dogs are a good laugh
tank driving is fun and it seems that others have trouble blowing you up, so 7 kills is possible so you can unleash the dogs
either way it's got to be cod 4 for me - at least till i get prestige 10 & gold weapons

This is a beta. To compare the beta of COD4 against COD5, COD5 wins....The final game will be a lot different, especially in map size/content.

Must say, I don't like the tanks in multiplayer

they don't have a lot of time to address issues/glitches before release in Nov do they

patches though

I preferred the smaller maps on cod4, made the game frantic yet tactical. With maps like vacant offering both close quarter battles and long ranger sniper battles. The new maps seem to have nowhere near as much cover, with lots of large open areas. I've found this means it's waaaaay too easy to have someone come up behind you whilst your aiming at someone else, which sort of turns the game in to a halo-esque spray and pray game where the fastest trigger finger/ bigger gun wins.

Don't get me wrong the game is definetly enjoyable and the ww2 is an interesting theme. It's just when i played cod4 beta my first reaction was :O oh my god. Cod5 beta is just like =/ seen it before.

But maybe my expectations were too high?

Still going to buy it
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