COD5 Dilemma......

    RIght, here is my dilemma......

    I had COD5 on preorder from Game as soon as it was available. I then got the Beta key, played the Beta & hated it immediately. I give it a few days, but I couldnt get into it (not a patch on COD4) !

    Now, how does the "proper" game live up ? Is it much different from the Beta ? (I know some of you have had this for a couple of weeks now )

    £27 in ASDA - do I buy it ?

    ps on another note - where is the best place to get rid of GOW2 ? Fantastic game, but completed it & dont like the online version.


    Left 4 Dead, the demo is immense.


    Buy it from ASDA...then if your mate needs it he can use your pre-order...

    On the positive this game is gonna be in demand so if you dont like it flog it and I doubt you will lose anything and may slightly profit

    Know exactly what your saying though cause I'm not bothering with it after the beta until I hear amazing things which I doubt I will



    Left 4 Dead, the demo is immense.

    Ooooh agreed.....

    Needs a better aiming system though I feel...its all hip fire

    Wow loved left for dead, but also a big fan of Call Of Duty!! I have the full 1000g's for all of them so far, so will def try to do the same for number 5.... I didnt think the online was as good as 4, but dont give up hope just yet me thinks....

    Gears 2 & Fallout 3 also..... Too many good games available at the moment...

    As for old games, I tend to sell them on ebay, I found you get the most cash for them there...
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