COD5 Keys

    Anyone know how long they take to come through?
    Tried to get 2 1 for me and 1 for a mate
    But nothing so far :-(

    20 Comments is your friend

    Original Poster

    PasPer2;3185999 is your friend

    Yeah I just registered with them wondered how long it takes?

    i got mine straight away

    You just need to log in

    yeah, instantly for me earlier.

    wont let me log in though!

    There are currently 2106 keys remaining for this giveaway

    Mine came straight away - although I'd been trying to log in since 5. I think high high high traffic. Great find though - Thanks

    cant get in :@

    i got 2, one for my mate

    Yeah I got mine straight away - got lucky that i remembered my log in name and my password. phew..

    Be quick people

    There are currently 222 keys remaining for this giveaway

    All gone, sux to be you. PasPer2 might give you one if you guess his age.

    This giveaway has now finished. If you are a winner, you should see instructions for what to do next below. If you don't see a message below, we're sorry, but you haven't won! Thanks for taking part.

    Please someone iif you have a spare may i have one? i will love you forever.

    I posted on here about 25 mins ago that eurogamer had keys, but some dodgy ***** marked my post as spam and it got taken down!!!

    was this for pc?

    no 360


    was this for pc?

    Nope, the 360

    anyone got a spare code - I missed the eurogamer giveaway by an hour it seems :x
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