COD5 - will it be £29 from sainsburys?

Sorry if this has already been asked.. I tried searching but I must be searching for the wrong thing! I was just wondering it its going to be £29 at sainsburys as ASDA is a bit of a trek to get to from here.

Thanks !

Edit: Just realised some people might not know what COD 5 is... "Call of Duty 5"


there is a link for it being 27 quid at asda and somewhere else i think.

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I found the £27 one from ASDA but it's quite far away from me and Sainsburys is much closer. I had a look in the ASDA thread and someone said they called up Sainsburys and it would cost £35.. which is a bit of a bummer.. oh well =\

i think it should be 29 at sainsburys. Apparently they decide the price though the day before so dont take 35 as fact. I cant see why they would charge more when everything else recently has been cheap.

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Woo, thats restored some faith then! I think i'll just pop down there tomorrow and find out for myself =)
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