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Posted 5th Nov 2015
I bought a Hive heating pack from a seller on Ebay (mistake I know), It was all brand new and factory sealed and I have installed it and it works great. Problem is there wasn't an activation code for the on-line account, so the app can't be used, which misses the point really. The nice people at Hive are unable to give me a code as it wasn't an authorised seller. Any ideas as to what I can do? Tried contacting the seller but no answer. Will raise it with Ebay but have now thrown the box away so might not work if it needs returning.

Thanks in advance
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Nice people at hive? They can't be that nice if they won't help you

Nice people at hive? They can't be that nice if they won't help you

Of course they can. Don't be so ridiculous. Just because you can't give someone the answer they want doesn't mean you are being unhelpful.

OP - I think your best course of action is to persist with hive and / or the ebay seller. Outside of that there isn't a lot that can be done.
send it back
Thanks for the replys. Anyone I spoke to at Hive has been very good though its very frustrating them being unable to generate a code for me as the hardware is working great. I have raised it as an issue with Ebay and Hive are now persuing the seller so hopefully get a positive result.
I think it is very poor service from Hive as the same happens if you move to a house and the seller of the house does not or will not hand over the Hive account to you, as has happened to me. Hive's advice is to buy a new Hub at £80.
So that just seems to be a way of them getting the revenue rather than helping. I can understand there are security issues but, hey you can get a mobile phone IMEI code and unlock it for a few quid. Maybe Hive should think about doing something similar. fleabay should also ban the sale of hubs if they are essentially useless. I will be swapping my Hive out and buying a Talus or Nest system.
Just some info regarding this issue: I've bought Hive Heating from Amazon Warehouse more than a month ago (had a small crack on glass, got a decent refund etc) and installed it today. There was no Voucher code to activate online, but contacted Hive and the said the same first time. Called again and got through another nice chap, who asked me to send invoice and serial number. He promised me to issue a voucher code. So it's not impossible to get a voucher code.
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