codecs for media player classic

    it keeps saying, i need to get some codecs when i use the media player classic-=can anyone help?!


    What file type are you trying to play?

    Original Poster

    a divx on media player classic

    And does it give an error code?

    Get the K lite pack, standard is ok for most.

    Original Poster

    it sorted i just had 2 install divx player


    it sorted i just had 2 install divx player

    just install the divx codec, then you can run divx files in any media player program, theres an option to install just the codec on the site

    sorry dude, i dont recommend the K-lite codec pack any more...

    Get the combined community codec pack, CCCP, its the business and will play anything worth playing.

    Your copy of media player classic might be old ? perhaps the newest version (included with CCCP) will play them fine.

    I swear by VLC Player, Never faulted me.

    haali media splitter

    vlc dont need codecs get it!


    vlc dont need codecs get it!

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