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Found 8th Feb 2018
Starting to venture out into the coffee bean world, I’m on amazon at the moment looking for a small-ish coffee bean grinder as I only have 2 cups per day.
There is a lot to choose from!

Does anyone have any recommendations? amazon or anywhere else I don’t mind.
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I use this one. I drink a lot of coffee but thus has adjustments for 1 to 12 cups as well as settings for how fine/course you want your grind.
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mattmerch2 h, 37 m ago

make sure you get ceramic burr grinder my personal choice would be aHario …make sure you get ceramic burr grinder my personal choice would be aHario Medium Glass Hand Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs, or a Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder

This... ensure it's a burr grinder. The Beginner's Guide to Buying a Burr Grinder - Click here.
This works great for me... couple of espressos a day. you soon figure out how many turns to suit your strength of coffee.
cylinder coffee grinder
I like this thread
Sorry for the second question, can I ask what device you all use once the coffee is ground?
It can’t go straight into the cup like instant?
I say don't bother. If you buying from any good coffee supplier or even Starbucks, they will grind to your needs in a machine worth probably around 10 times what you would ever pay yourself for one.
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