Coffee Cupcakes


    Does anybody have a recipe for coffee cupcakes that is relatively simple!!!! I have tried looking on the web but there does not seem to be anything out there.

    I would be happy enough with just a basic cupcake recipe!

    Would like to surprise my sister tomorrow with some cakes for her birthday.


    use half fat to flour...

    so 4 oz marg to 8 oz flour

    mix with eggs a little milk and a splash of water

    melt some coffee granules in hot water and allow to cool

    throw in some walnuts and dates if you like...

    yummy coffee and date/walnut cupcakes xx

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    Many thanks for the recipe. I am not that experienced at baking so could you let me know how much sugar i should use and if i should use eggs and how many i should use.

    Many thanks again.


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    Thanks to all of those who have responded regarding the cupcakes.

    Most of the recipes i have found are on american websites and use some really funny ingredients so not too sure about using them.

    Thank you all!!!

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