Coffee machine that uses the Pods?

    need to get the misses a coffee machine for xmas,

    but theres loads out there and dfifernet pods?

    anyone know much about them and can reccommend one

    just dont want to buy one and then find out they stopped selling the pods.


    Yep the KRUPS DOLCE GUSTO is fantastic (you may have seen the ads on telly). It uses capsules/pods which are available at most supermarkets (about 2.19 per box? - cheaper than on the website btw).

    Delicious flavours including cafe lungo, espresso, cappuchino, latte macchiato, chococcino and my personal fave, cappuchino ice.

    I bought mine from Oli the other day (which reminds me, I need to rep the OP), a funky red dolce-gusto for around 35 quid (an absolute bargain!) and we're loving it!

    You can then register on the website using the product code and you get 200 points (+ each time you buy a box of pods you enter a code inside the box on the website). As your points build up you can redeem them for either more pods OR coffee accessories such as espresso cups, etc.

    Hope this helps!

    Edit: Hmm, just visited the thread to rep cindy, went to the oli website but the red discounted version isnt available anymore... the black one is 89 smackeroonies! Eek!

    Ivory - ]Here for 67.49 quid.

    Black - ]Here for 74.99 quid.

    sorry to jump in but I want one of those as well. Was that ] as i cant find it their cheapest is £49 now

    Also there is the senseo coffee machine.

    Original Poster

    yeah looked at the senso one, alot cheaper seen one in tesco's for under £30.

    but do they use the same capsules/pods?

    thanks angel looks really good those ones, might hold out see if i can find one cheaper, that red one would have been perfect!

    They do indeed and the good thing about the sensao is that you're about to get reusable pods which you fill with your own choice of grinds:)

    I've used mine for 2yrs with them, they're absolutely brilliant and you save a ton in comparison to using the actual retail pods.

    just found the krups for 58.76 ]HERE

    Hope this helps

    Edit: I forgot to mention that my dolce-gusto came with a free gift pack including a variety box of capsules/pods (sadly out of date), a latte glass and an espresso cup and saucer.

    they have the tassimo and the krups one with 20% of each in sainsburys

    Id steer clear of the senseo unless you like black coffee as the machine doesnt heat the water up very hot and if you had milk its them too cold to drink in my opinion, however my mother drinks black coffee so finds the temperature ok, also its quite small cups it makes

    Warms up mine fine..
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