coffee machines which is best and are they worth it?

    Hey all

    Thinking about getting a coffee machine but are they worth it? I do like a nice cappuccino so thought it might be good to spice it up besides the old standard instant. Are they worth the money to shell out for the machine besides pods or whatever on top? Anyone wanna share if they have one and do you use it? Is it expensive to keep buying the pods and stuff?


    I have a tassimo, they're great / frequently on offer but you are tied to using tassimo's own disc's so the price per drink starts to add up.
    Plus, the coffees with creamers (cappucino etc.) taste quite artificial. So, although they are nice, they're nothing like you would get from a coffee shop.
    I've gone back to using a moka pot & a dualit milk frother - fantastic coffee every time.

    I love my Dolce Gusto. Lots of places had them on offer on Friday. Might still find them on offer.


    I have neff built in unit, no expensive pods to buy, just load the hopper with beans, select your drink. Beautiful fresh coffee. Worth every penny

    I have the Tassimo joy great machine automatic so perfect amount everytime . I use it everyday the twinnings english breakfast tea is great taste like when you go to a cafe.

    Tassimo for sure, love the Costa Coffee's

    having owned a Dolce Gusto , Tassimo , Nespresso
    i have found aeropress + hario skerton (why pay over the odds for pod systems when you can grind your own beans and get a much better result for less dosh ) to suit my needs with a bialetti if i want espresso$web_zoom$&/1308302307/hario-skerton-grinder.jpg


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    I had a Nespresso whilst it did produce a very nice and extremely convenient cup of Coffee it did start to get expensive. I ended up selling it and replacing it with a Delonghi Bean to Cup machine - initial outlay much higher but on-going costs significantly cheaper and with the added bonus that I am no longer 'tied' in to one particular brand.

    Ultimately it depends on what you are looking to achieve from it. The purists will say grind your own, then use an Espresso machine - however lack of time / convenience makes that a bit of a faff for me personally.
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