Found 26th Dec 2006
Looking for some cheaper coffee pods. Don't mind paying the £2 odd I currently pay in tesco's for 18 of them, but pretty sure I could get them cheaper. Tried ebay, they all look cheaper until you add on the postage. Then they become more expensive.

Got a senseo machine, but it should take any pods?

I tend to always use 2 pods also to make up a mug. Can't be doing with this cup nonsense!

So, anyone buy them elsewhere? Don't mind differing brands so long as it still tastes good.


There are some online coffee pod shops, but after postage, they tend to be about supermarket prices, in my experience. They do stock a good range of coffees though - e.g. ]http//ww…php

ASDA have them on roll back at the moment - £1.98 a bag for dark, medium, mild or decaf. I like my coffee black, and I use one bag of dark roast, in the one cup holder, but press the two cups button. I get a mug full, save a bag and it tastes good to me! I do this to get two small cups also.

First post, so I hope that this helps out a bit.

It may be worth giving ] a try. I've ordered quite a bit from them before. The prices aren't bad, you get quantity discounts and the delivery is free. There is a 5% discount for returning customers (using the "SC5" code). Also, they stock pods that you can only get on the continent - Extra Dark, Mocca and Cappuccino (where the milk is in the pod unlike the cappuccino ones that you can get from Tesco where you put a powder in the mug).

Good hunting!

I can vouch for twonk. This is the only place I buy pods for my senseo now.

wow, what a fantastic post

I have a senseo and I'm quite looking forward to trying some continental flavours !


"Coffeo" website looks pretty expensive to me - £2.69 for Douwe Egberts 18 packs, which are £1.98 in ASDA and Tesco at the moment. Even buying them in bulk, they cost more.

Do you have a web address for twonk? Can't find it on Google. Might give that a look......
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