coffee stain on my white converse!!!! help!!

Posted 10th Jul 2008
got a dry coffee stain.. rather big... on my white converse.. i wulda bleached it or somethin but they've got a red pattern on them too.. i really need help any tips? thankyou! x
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Stick some vanish on and bung em in the washing machine.
Converse .. ? are these trainers ?


[image missing]


ariel washing power, a very strong solution and rub on and blot off with damp kitchen towel....although most trainers go in the machine here.

Stick some vanish on and bung em in the washing machine.

yep - or direct with vanish soap if you dont put them in w/m:thumbsup:
.. never heard them called this before :? I had to 'Google' !!
You can put converse in the wash.

However, i would just leave it as i thnik converse shouldnt be spotless, they should be dirtty. Adds a bit character to them
Converse look better a little "weathered"
you must be devastated - especially if they are new try vanish spray or what always workd for mot stains for me is 1001 carpet cleaner spray - good luck, if you bleach, they tend to yellow - so be careful
thankyou so much for all your suggestions.. didnt fancy throwin em in the washing machine so went into morrisons and used some of their vanish instore and by the time we got home the stain had gone! fab! x
shudda left them
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