Coffin Dodgers are mental!

Found 24th Apr 2009

A pensioner on a mobility scooter took a wrong turn and ended up driving along a motorway with a 70 mile per hour speed limit, prompting a police escort home.

Police received telephone calls from concerned drivers after seeing the 89-year-old travelling along the M20 at Cheriton in Kent.

"Kent Police received reports that a mobility scooter was travelling on the hard shoulder of the M20 on the London-bound carriageway," a spokeswoman said.

"An 89-year-old local man had taken the wrong turning and had travelled by mistake on to the M20."

The incident on Tuesday comes after a 90-year-old man on his scooter was assisted off a busy A-road in February.

The pensioner had taken a wrong turn onto a carriageway while out shopping near Shoreham in West Sussex.

"He said he had gone out to buy a newspaper. Somehow he must have got on to the roundabout and taken the wrong road," said a driver, who waved down the pensioner, before police arrived to help him home.
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he wasnt 89 and dont call me a coffin dodger CHOMP!
coffin dodger!!

lolll such a funny term thats this weeks quote hehe
surely you would realise ur on the wrong road when cars are speeding past in 3 diff lanes!? i swear.....old people drive me crazy! they complain how lazy and rude young people are....i can think of so many times ive opened doors for old people and helped them without even a bat of an eyelid!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Rant over!
Why should all the adrenaline sports be the reserve of the young and fit. LOL
Love the term coffin dodger.

Maybe there should be a sort of sat nav device built into the scooters that stops them from going near motorways. Only makes sense as if the battery runs out beween exits they wont be able to walk home LOL
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